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*  Holla church
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*     Pictures from Parish-life in Holla
     From the "Hollaboken"
*     History of the new Holla church
*  Romnes church
    Romnes kerk (Dutch)
    Romnes kirche (German)
     Per Bernt Tufte: About Romnes
     From the "Hollaboken"
*     Pictures from Romnes
*  Helgen Church
*     Pictures from Helgen
     From "Hollaboken": The old church
     From "Hollaboken": The new church
     Clergymen in Helgen from 1735 -
*     Helgen new church: newer history
*     Pictures from parishlife in Helgen
  Old Holla Church
*     Pictures from "Høyden"
     From the "Hollaboken"
  Fen Church
*  Cemeteries in Holla Parish
*     "New" Kronborg
*     "Old" Kronborg
*     Romnes
*     Holla
*     Helgen
*  Holden in America
*     Muskego in Wisconsin
*     Port Washington in Wisconsin
*     Heart Prairie and Sugar Creek i WI.
*     Mt.Morris in Wisconsin
*     Kenyon in Minnesota
*     Colfax in Wisconsin
*     St.James in Minnesota
*     Sinai in South-Dakota
*     Beardsley in Minnesota
*     Geneseo in North-Dakota
*     RedTop in Minnesota
*     Maxbass in North-Dakota
*     New England in North-Dakota
*     Helgen in Florence in South-Dak.
  The Norw. Luth.Church
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